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No Love No More

- Macthediablo, Domino
Phát hành: 2022 Thể Loại: Bài hát Rap Việt

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Lời bài hát: No Love No More
Macthediablo (Macthediablo)
But I’m still keeping it 100
I do it for me not for the money
Racing to the top so I start running
The difference is you walk it I run it
So trust me when I say I’ma get it
Whatever the hell I’m destined fo’
Never let it go
Even though you try to hold me down but I’m in my zone
And I have nothing to hold back
Flow so fast
Take it to a whole another level and you know that
So while you on the field battling more cats
I just sit back be sipping cognac
Mic is prozac
Cure my tourette's
I’m staying sane no madness
Nor sadness with a glass of white satin
Let me spit it out
You wanna spit like me
Wanna be like me
Wanna rape my girl take my money
Wanna kill me quickly
But 9 mm always be by me
So before you disrespect me
Just step in my shoes and let’s see
My perspective exactly
See what I mean so accept me
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