Slow Down

- Therese
Phát hành: 2022 Thể Loại: Bài hát Pop

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Lời bài hát: Slow Down
(re Broughton)
Your poor wife is sad today.
She thinks you'll die by a razor blade.
Your boy Flash is free at last on the top of
Class rock'n'roller.
Ah ah ah ah ah says he wants to live in
Rock'n'roll land.
I meet the strangest ladybird with a heart of
Stainless steel.
She liked fast cars and candy bars she
Thought I was unreal.
She said she had a father the one she never saw.
Her mother was a comfort to a pilot in a war.
She said she had a superstar a long hard ride ago.
He kicked his heels in strawberry fields and fell
Down on the show.
Screamin' ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.
Dark nights, golden lights hand in hand together.
Sweet breath, fetid breath. Nothing lasts forever.
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