ILL Is Like

- Mc ILL
Phát hành: 2022 Thể Loại: Bài hát Rap Việt

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Lời bài hát: ILL Is Like
Bài hát: ILL Is Like - Mc ILL

It's the phenomenal one, success is all that I want
Got the game loaded up and ready for me to run
I give Earth light cuz I was born as a son/Sun
In my spare time, I chase the giant hornets for fun
This is not a battlefield, people fight to get a deal
But half of'em weak like Chihuahua in Beverly Hill
I don't kill ladies cuz rapping is not to get vaginas
I'm tough enough to get Bear Grylls crown me the best survivor
That's the Hydra in disguise spitting gas saliva
That if I kiss a girl, make sure her mother can't realize her
You love the TV screen, this is your fancy dream
It's full of sleazy schemes, not what on TV seem
These snakes will show to be craving hoes that's staying low to take ya soul
Then break ya nose, so take control, check it slow, facts and fakes untold
Hawking's theories and what I write are on par
Suckers try to outshine but they suck like a porn star
I drop a ruler on the map and it will split the borderline
Love is the cause of lies so my first kiss was for the mic
I need more energy not enemies, more melodies not felonies
Who care for me? I cannot see, they stare at me but won't share the cheese
Get my verse in your song, and now you have a stolen track
I'm scary to MC's like Michael Moore to Golden Sachs
I'm running with no brake, don't let you have a chance to have a breath
The restless cat wanna battle death and get the madness spread over the map
To manifest: with pen and pad, the man he crafts the baddest rap
You ever met that ever lasts like Everest.
I'm lyrical artillery, I'm verbally armed
Motherfuckers can't resist with their nursery rhymes
I'm an anti-hero cannibal
I have a magical mandible that can break The Incredible Hulk's clavicle
I'm Robo Cop, seeing punks charges me with battery
You battle me? There's tragedy the judge charges me with battery
Maybe some people cannot get what I truly rap
And sayin' that I'm trash is all that these fools react.
You don't need the Third Eye to see I'm in a living Hell
Every day I wake up to a life Messy/Messi like Lionel
It's outrageous to see rookies and groupies get famous
To top rank status by taking a cannon barrel to the anus
While suckers MC's got signed and dance in the spot light
I stay up all night to concentrate and drop rhymes
I let my soul go deep so my flow's no cheap
Like a solo chick who never blows no dick
Obi Wan revived, there ain't nothing I can't versus
I push down all challengers by the Force of my verses
My Minatory Metaphors Mesmerize, Make Merlin Memorize
Morally Mortify Murderers, Multiply More Master Minds
PROminent PROtagonist PROpagates PRObity, PROmulgates PROphecies,
PROficient PROdigy PROcreates PROsody
The leader system is now dead inside, those men just lie
Now see the light, you can't deny that few got rich but many died
"Poli" means "many", now check your dictionary for "tick"
Now you understand why they call it Politics/Poli-ticks
It's up to you to realize, or you're too used to be lied to
Remember reality is what life uses to define you
And how does it define me? You don't know what I'm like?
I'm just a normal guy that no freaking language can describe
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